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Santa Barbara County Energy Choice is a coalition of individuals, businesses, and organizations—led by the Community Environmental Council—that is advocating for Community Choice Energy (CCE) in Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara County Energy Choice is NOT the official website for the tri-county Community Choice Energy effort. is the official site.

What is Community Choice Energy?

Community Choice Energy offers customers something they have never had before: Choice. CCE programs give customers a choice in energy providers and a choice in how their energy is produced. In a Community Choice Energy program, one or more cities or counties create a locally-controlled public agency that is responsible for purchasing or producing the electricity for local homes and businesses. Delivery of the electricity, maintenance of the transmission lines, and billing remains the responsibility of the existing utility (SCE or PG&E). CCE provides customers with options for cleaner energy at rates that are competitive or cheaper than the rates offered by existing utilities while generating a host of other local benefits.

Community Choice Energy at COP21 UN Climate Change Talks

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