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Existing CCE programs, including those in Sonoma and Marin Counties, have demonstrated that Community Choice Energy offers:

Competition & Choice

Through CCE, local consumers get a choice in energy providers and the choice for cleaner energy. CCE creates a competitive market place, spurring innovation that benefits energy customers.

Competitive Rates

Established CCE programs in California have consistently beat the utilities on energy prices. CCE rates are competitive or cheaper because CCE programs are organized as non-profits and do not have to pay shareholder returns as the utilities do.

Courtesy of Sonoma Clean Power

Chart courtesy of Sonoma Clean Power.

Local Control & Accountability

Santa Barbara County Energy Choice would be governed by a locally appointed and locally accountable board. This board would set electricity rates and make decisions about local energy efficiency and incentive programs.

Cleaner Energy

CCE programs can set priorities to procure more renewable energy with less greenhouse gas emissions.


Chart courtesy of Sonoma Clean Power.

How Community Choice Energy Works
Illustration courtesy of Lean Energy (
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