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GGE per unit of CNG based on lower heating value

Units of CNG Temperature & pressure of the gas Conversion factor to GGE
Gasoline gallon equivalent Not applicable 1.000
Diesel gallon equivalent Not applicable 1.117
Pound Not applicable 0.177
Standard cubic foot 60 °F, 14.7 psia 0.0085
Cubic foot 60 °F, 3600 psi 2.020
Cubic foot 60 °F, 2400 psi 1.353
Gallon 60 °F, 3600 psi 0.270
Gallon 60 °F, 2400 psi 0.181
Therm Not applicable 0.870

To convert from CNG units to GGE, choose the appropriate units in the chart above and multiply your value by the conversion factor.

If your CNG units are based on the fuel’s Higher Heating Value, multiply the conversion factor by 0.9 and use the result to convert to GGE.

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